2946463887_d086c060ed_z.jpg Anger is one of the most paralyzing emotions. It has the ability to stop us in our tracks. Even when we attempt to cover it up, it’s obvious when anger strikes.

In a work environment there is no outlet for anger. It’s not like sports where you can take the aggression out through force. Instead, anger is boxed into a room like smoke, with no windows for it to escape. It engulfs you. And when it has nowhere to go it begins to feed on you.

Often referred to as ‘frustration,’ anger is prevalent in startups. It may not always be obvious, but the combination of passion, desire, and expectation creates an environment ripe for disappointment.

Looking back, I didn’t realize my own anger until I got fired from Contour. During my time off, anger was the emotion that took me...

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